atiyah means 'gift of love'

Everything about our business is sustainable. atiyah – Melbourne catering, offers a complete sustainable solution for your corporate or private event, showcasing our awesome Lebanese and Middle Eastern food that is of course, made with love. We’re revolutionising catering through our community of amazing people with a passion for the environment and sustainability. Eat with atiyah, and save the planet.

For further information, call (03) 9119 4550.


Our authentic family recipes celebrate a generous Lebanese culture tradition where whole food ingredients rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and healthy plant based fats from olive oil, nuts and seeds are combined with spices and herbs to produce incredible flavours. We bring the authentic flavours from the streets of Lebanon to your plate.

Sourced from ethical growers and sustainable farms, our awesome food is always made fresh. You really can taste the difference, from the tangy flavour punch of sumac, to the nutty toasted sesame seeds in our za’atar and the slightly sweet and salty goat’s labneh. The quality of the ingredients we use shines through every time. 


We combine the Lebanese and Middle Eastern diets with fresh, local, premium produce to create an incredibly healthy and delicious food experience. Our menu selections range from lunch & picnic boxes to seasonal grazing platters and hot food. Our team will happily customise a menu for your special event or occasion and can accommodate any specific dietary requirements.


Price on request
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Water, Fresh Juice & Organic Kombucha
  • Alcohol + Full Bar Service


Starts from $10 + p/p
min. 24 people


$30 +
min. 20 boxes

  • Includes 1 buffet main + 1 buffet side


Starts from $39 + p/p
min. 30 people

Grazing Platters

min. 40 people

  • Individual & Mixed $39 + p/p

    Includes za'atar manakish (traditional Lebanese flatbread), tabouli & homestyle dips

  • Dessert Starts from $8 + p/p

Buffet: Hot & Cold Dishes

Includes LEBANESE RICE w/ vermicelli (GF Option available)
  • Four hot dishes & two salads $54 + p/p

    min. 50 people

  • Six hot dishes & three salads $59 + p/p

    min. 100 people


Breakfast & Morning Tea

  • Lebanese flatbread (GFO)


  • Banana muffins mini (GF/VE)
  • Muffins mini

    Apple & cinnamon
    Raspberry white chocolate

  • Donnuts mini

    Salted Caramel

  • Danish mini

    Apricot and almond

  • Croissant large & mini

    Apricot and almond

  • Lemon slice
  • Caramel slice
  • Brownie slices (GF)
  • Granola slice (GF/VE)
  • Waffles Belgian style
  • Cinnamon scrolls
  • Quiche vegetarian
  • Quiche with bacon
  • Granola, yoghurt & fruit cups


  • Za’atar flatbread (GFO/VE/VG)
  • Middle Eastern Dips (GF/VE)
  • Lebanese cheese cigars (VEO/VG)
  • Spinach Fatayer (VE/VG)
  • Cheese Fatayer (VG)
  • Chicken Skewers (GF)
  • Kafta Skewers (GF)
  • Sambousik
  • Grilled eggplant w/ fetta, pomegranate & mint (GF/VEO/VG)
  • Vines leaves (GF/VE/VG)
  • Kafta mini beetroot bun burgers (VE/VGO)
  • Kibbeh w/ meat & pine nuts
  • Kibbeh w/ chickpeas, pumpkin & spinach (GFO/VE/VG)
  • Samké Harra - fish w/ tahini (GF)
  • Falafel bites w/ tahini (GF/VE/VG)
  • Smoked Salmon cucumber rolls (GF)

Buffet: Main dishes

  • Loubieh Bi Zeit (GF/VE/VG)

    Slow cooked green beans with tomato, onion, garlic & spices
    Add: Tender meat

  • Hindbeh Bzeit (GF/VE/VG)

    Cooked endives, lightly tossed in olive oil & crispy onion wings

  • Samke Harra (GF)

    King fish w/ mild chilli tahini – almonds & pine nuts

  • Messakaa Batenjan (GF/VE/VG)

    Smokey eggplant & potato cooked in rich tomato, onion & garlic
    Add: Minced meat

  • Rezza À Djej (GF)

    Lebanese chicken fillet & minced lamb rice - rich in aroma of warm savory spices & nuts.

  • Djej w/ Batata (GF)

    Baked chicken & potatoes in a lemon & garlic sauce

  • Kafta w/ Potota

    Layered kafta patties, potatoes & onion with a rich homemade tomato sauce – served with rice

  • Warak Enab (GF)

    Lebanese stuffed grape leaves w/ spiced roast lamb

  • Spiced Frikeh

    Cooked with spices, onion & topped w/ slow cooked lamb & roasted nuts

Buffet: Salads & Sides

  • Tabouli (GFO/VE/VG)

    Mediterranean salad of finely chopped tomato & onion, lots of fresh parsley & tossed with lemon juice & olive oil

  • Fattoush (GFO/VE/VG)

    It’s a fresh and bright salad made with seasonal vegetables & topped with sumac fried Lebanese flatbread & lemon

  • Batata Harra (GF/VE/VG)

    Lebanese spicy fried potatoes with coriander, garlic & lemon

  • Arnabit Bi Tahini (GF/VE/VG)

    Baked cauliflower & garnished w/ tahini sauce, parsley & roasted almonds

  • Batenjen Raheb (GF/VE/VG)

    Grilled eggplant served w/ parsley, green onion, & tomatoes. Drizzled w/ Lemon garlic olive oil, green & red pepper garnish w/ fresh pomegranates

Mix Grazing Platters

  • Vegan Graze

    Kibbeh w/ chickpeas, pumpkin & spinach
    Lebanese vine leaves
    Mediterranean tuscan olives
    Variety of vegan cheese
    Sun-dried marinated tomatoes
    Caramelised onions
    Pickled turnips
    Chargrilled seasonal vegetables (3-4 options)
    Marinated artichokes

  • Vegetarian Graze

    Kibbeh w/ chickpeas, pumpkin & spinach
    Lebanese vine leaves
    Mediterranean tuscan olives
    Sun-dried marinated tomatoes
    Caramelised onions
    Pickled turnips
    Chargrilled seasonal vegetables (3-4 options)
    Marinated artichokes

  • Meat Graze

    Kibbeh w/ meat & pine nuts
    Lebanese vine leaves
    Mediterranean tuscan olives
    Sun-dried marinated tomatoes
    Caramelised onions
    Pickled turnips
    Chargrilled seasonal vegetables (3-4 options)
    Marinated artichokes
    Cured meat (wide variety of, prosciutto, italian salami, off the bone ham, cabana, spicy salami)
    Prosciutto wrapped sticks

  • Cheese Wheel Graze

    Soft cheese options - french brie, camembert, double cream
    Hard cheese options - aged & vintage cheddars
    Blue cheese options - Australian, French and Danish variety
    Seasonal fruits (strawberries, grapes)
    Dried fruits (fig, apple slices)
    Premium quince
    Fig jam

  • Dessert Graze

    Birds nest
    Chocolate mouse (VEO)

Homestyle Lebanese Dips

  • Hummus (GF/VE/VG)

    Chickpeas blended w/ tahini, olive oil, lemon juice & garlic

  • Baba Ghanoush (GF/VE/VG)

    Cooked eggplant w/ tahini olive oil, lemon juice & garlic

  • Labneh (VG)

    Soft cheese made from strained yoghurt

  • Tatziki (GF/VG)

    Yoghurt, drained cucumber, olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice & salt

GF: Gluten-Free, GFO: Gluten Free-Option, VE: Vegetarian, VEO: Vegetarian Option, VG: Vegan, VGO: Vegan Option



Ben Armstrong speaking at an atiyah catering event

On request, atiyah founder Ben Armstrong will speak about environmental and sustainable strategies in business.

As consumer demand for carbon neutral products and services continues to grow, Ben will explain how to successfully develop, certify, and take a carbon neutral product to market. He will discuss how to overcome the internal and external challenges that can be faced on the path to market, and also address the key influences and motivations behind carbon neutrality.

Ben will illustrate how the creation of carbon neutral products or services can add value to a brand, business and individual, and also share his tips for daily lifestyle changes that can be implemented in order to contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Ben is passionate about accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable future. He is committed to caring for atiyah customers, protecting our people and preserving our planet.


For further information, call (03) 9119 4550

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